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Social media is a buzz word in today’s marketing industry. Acting as a direct channel of communication with the end user, social media marketinghas emerged as an influential tool for marketers to promote their products and services by tapping potential opportunities available online. Social media channels allow marketers to create attractive as well as interactive profiles, thereby enabling brand promotion, awareness, implementing marketing campaigns, and direct communication with the customer. The ultimate facilities offered by social media enable marketers to identify their business goals and objectives and define an appropriate process to attain them by approaching the target audience segment.


In the scenario of fierce competition, it has become indispensable for marketers to capture the web domain to the best of their abilities and strengthen their online networks. In view of this, a social media programme offers desired platform to carry on the business that purports establishing presence in the market and earning goodwill. Be it about introducing new campaigns or exciting activities, familiarizing customers with new products and services or eliciting their feedback, opinion or suggestions, the technique of social media marketing is multi-faceted and therefore, enables businesses to explore various opportunities and find avenues for further expansion.


To enable marketers to enjoy a solid web presence and accomplish desired goals, digital marketing companies have entered into the marketing industry. They comprise of integrated teams of experts who are abreast of the latest developments in the internet marketing zone and can guide suitably about following the correct roadmap. They are efficient in making the most of social media marketing. Nevertheless, initially they peruse your requirement, factor in the relevant points of concern and then move ahead to formulate a strategy to attract attention to your products and drive more traffic to your website. On the whole, it’s an all-inclusive package that ensures a good promotion of your brand through online resources.


All the activities are planned and executed keeping in mind your satisfaction. The social media experts may prefer conducting a research to study the pertinent aspects of your business and how can it serve customers to the best through its various offerings. At the same time, they would study about other businesses offering same products and services and how your business can be promoted in a better way. The best part of social media marketing is that you can directly approach the end user that is your target customer and elicit his feedback, which helps decide the next step. 



Puneet Gupta is an internet marketer and has a great passion for Social Media Marketing.


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ComputeNext Hits Home Run With Win at 3rd Annual Cloud World Series Awards

ComputeNext, a cloud brokerage platform and marketplace software provider, today announced it was selected as the winner in the “Best SME Project by a Vendor” category in the 3rd Annual Cloud World Series Awards. The Awards celebrate the drive, innovation and hard work in the global cloud computing industry, bringing together the industry leaders and experts that have driven developments in the cloud over the past year.

ComputeNext was selected for its work with application intelligence company AppDynamics, which utilized ComputeNext’s Global Cloud Marketplace (GCM) to easily and cost-effectively scale their cloud infrastructure worldwide.

The judging panel for the “Best SME Project by a Vendor” looked for the most successful SME project that demonstrated how the cloud migration process was simplified, how mobility and convenience of IT access was facilitated and how overall IT costs were minimized.

ComputeNext’s Global Cloud Marketplace is a platform which enables cloud service commerce, provisioning, and management from providers in over 60 locations worldwide, from a single user account or API. This platform is also available as a white-label solution which can be offered as a Marketplace-as-a-Service or a custom deployment for telcos, data centers, service providers, and large IT resellers/distributors. The platform can be rapidly deployed and customized for partners based on the cloud platforms, products, and services they wish to offer.

“ComputeNext’s mission is to make it easier for organizations of all sizes to select, purchase and configure cloud services directly from our marketplace, and this award is a testament to the hard work of our entire team,” said Sundar Kannan, founder and CEO of ComputeNext. “It is always rewarding to be acknowledged for our solutions that help our customers to buy cloud services and infrastructure in a simplified and streamlined way, and we thank the Cloud World Series Awards for this honor.”

The awards were announced on June 24 at the Cloud World Forum in London.

About ComputeNext

ComputeNext is a Bellevue, WA-based cloud brokerage company pioneering how organizations search, discover, procure, and provision cloud infrastructure with its Cloud Marketplace Platform. As a leader in cloud service brokerage, ComputeNext enables end-to-end transactions across platform-agnostic infrastructure. Holding the belief that a few cloud providers cannot satisfy the world’s computing demands, our mission is to promote choice and efficient computing through federation. This new ecosystem shares and optimizes cloud infrastructure and services to bring unprecedented business development opportunities and cost savings for both data centers and IT organizations. Learn more at

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Generators For Uninterrupted Electricity Supply

Industries and corporate offices as well as homes need continuous power supplies; however, for various reasons it is not possible. Generators tend to work as backup for power supply when regular power supply is inconsistent. Electricity played crucial role in industrial revolution; however, recently, despite all herculean efforts electricity generation is not enough to meet the existing demand. Generators have come long way to provide consistent and continuous power supply needed in industries and offices.

How A Generator is Used?

Considered as important device, generators generate a flow of electricity when either there is no electricity supply or there is no continuous supply of the same. Harnessing the fundamental laws of electromagnetism, generators produce electricity by transforming mechanical energy to electrical energy. The criticality of electricity can be understood from the fact that without it so many things can stop working. For instance, there cannot be factory production, no communication, no railways working, etc.

Types of Generators

The determination of the type of generators is done on the basis of its equipment that generates it. However, the electrical energy produced is either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC). The AC generators are often single-phase or poly-phase ones wherein the AC power generation is limited to 25 kW or less and that too at a specific utilization voltage. Generally, poly-phase generators generate two or more alternating voltages e.g. 2 or 3 or 6 phases.

Another type of generators are DC which are classified as either shunt, series, or majority compound-wound types. People who need generators that work as battery chargers and exciters for AC generators, use Shunt Generators. Series generators on the other hand are used for the purpose of street lights. Generators that are used for commercial purposes are called Commercial Generators wherein these are used as a power back up for commercial establishments. Nevertheless, the same generators can be used at home for uninterrupted power supply.

Popularity of Generators

Places which have notoriety for load shedding, interrupted electricity supply, or even no power supply at all, need generators. Generators come in all sizes and shape e.g. industrial establishments need heavy and higher power producing generators; homes need small sized portable generators which can meet the requirement of small but uninterrupted power supply of a home or a small corporate office.

Elcos Generators from Riello UPS, leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies and standby power solutions, provides diesel Generators with bespoke custom designs including CHP generating sets, silent generators and containerised generators.

New Report Identifies Top 10 Mesothelioma Research Priorities, According to Surviving Mesothelioma

Groups Proposes Top Ten Mesothelioma Research Questions

A Priority Setting Partnership put in place after Britain’s 2013 mesothelioma compensation law has just published a top ten list they hope will guide future mesothelioma research. Surviving Mesothelioma has just posted an article on the report. Click here to read it now.

More than 450 mesothelioma patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals answer the mesothelioma questionnaire developed by The James Lind Alliance and Britain’s National Institute for Health Research. Eventually, the list was paired down to ten high priority research questions.

“This list is an invaluable resource, which should be used to inform the prioritization and funding of future mesothelioma research,” writes Richard J. Stephens of the Institute of Clinical Trials & Methodology, a member of the Priority Setting Partnership.

The report, which was published in a recent issue of Lung Cancer, focuses on a range of topics including immunotherapy, chemotherapy, second-line treatment, diagnosis, and post-treatment monitoring.

“This is a very comprehensive list of some of the most pressing issues surrounding mesothelioma,” says Alex Strauss, Managing Editor of Surviving Mesothelioma. “If this list helps guide worldwide research efforts, it could eventually dramatically change the outlook for mesothelioma patients.”

To see the entire list and read more about how it was compiled, see British Group Highlights Top Ten Mesothelioma Research Priorities, now available on the Surviving Mesothelioma website.

Stephens, RJ, et al, “Research priorities in mesothelioma: A James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership”, June 4, 2015, Lung Cancer, Epub ahead of print,

For nearly ten years, Surviving Mesothelioma has brought readers the most important and ground-breaking news on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of mesothelioma. All Surviving Mesothelioma news is gathered and reported directly from the peer-reviewed medical literature. Written for patients and their loved ones, Surviving Mesothelioma news helps families make more informed decisions.

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Central Florida Development to Build Second Speculative Building in Plant City

County Line Commerce Center, Plant City, FL

Central Florida Development (CFD), a full service real estate development and property management company, today announced plans for the construction of a second 100,000 square foot speculative building in County Line Commerce Center. The facility will have 30’ clear heights, a 195’ truck court, and abundant parking, making it ideal for manufacturing, distribution, and office operations. CFD’s first 100,000 square foot facility in County Line Commerce Center, which will be completed in July, is already 75% leased.

“We’re excited to begin construction of another speculative project in Plant City,” said Richard LeFrois, Central Florida Development President. “The city’s pro-business attitude and great location have helped drive our success in leasing our first building. We are confident the momentum will continue and are already seeing significant interest in the next building, as well as interest in our other business parks along I-4.”

Construction on the new building is scheduled to begin this summer and be completed by January 2016.

“The incredible demand we’re seeing for new industrial development in Plant City is the direct result of our efforts to make it even easier for manufacturing, logistics, and distribution operations to take advantage of our ideal location and find the workforce, facilities and business assistance they need to get up and running quickly,” said Plant City Mayor Rick Lott. “The speed with which Central Florida Development has been able to build the first spec building and move forward with the second shows how quickly we and our partners at the Tampa Hillsborough EDC and CareerSource Tampa Bay can respond to meet business needs and keep up with fast growth.”

The two spec buildings at County Line Commerce Center are the first to be built in Plant City in many years. The development, located a half mile south of Interstate 4 at the intersection of County Line Road and Highway 92 in eastern Hillsborough County, also includes plans for two retail/restaurant sites that will fill a void in the County Line Road corridor and provide jobs, shopping and entertainment options for people who live and work in Plant City.

“County Line Road continues to be the hottest corridor for warehouse distribution and office expansion in Central Florida,” said Mike Herr, City Manager, Plant City. “The newest project announced by Rich Lefrois demonstrates that Plant City is the right place to be because we have strategic location, a good labor market and a very business-friendly culture in our city government. Every successful project needs a champion, and right now Central Florida Development is a huge private sector partner in our community.”

Plant City’s close proximity to Tampa and Orlando made the County Line Commerce Center an ideal spot for healthy prepared meal retailer FitLife Foods to build its Culinary Center Operations. In his company’s May 2015 announcement about the expansion, David Osterweil, FitLife Foods founder and CEO, cited Plant City’s central location, available workforce, and sales tax exemptions on machinery and equipment for manufacturing companies as three key reasons supporting his decision to choose Plant City.

“This is an historic time for Plant City and eastern Hillsborough County,” said the Hon. Sandy Murman, Chair of the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners. “The fact that Central Florida Development has managed to lease three quarters of a 100,000 square foot speculative building in less than six months is a clear indicator that manufacturing and distribution firms are flocking to this market. This is great news for our local families and for businesses seeking a perfect location for expansion and relocation in Central Florida.”

Central Florida Development already has its sights set on an even bigger project in eastern Hillsborough County. “We are moving forward with planning our next development in Plant City: Central Florida Commerce Center, a 72-acre business park that will accommodate buildings of up to 1.6 million square feet,” said Le Frois. “We are proud to partner with the City of Plant City and the Tampa Hillsborough EDC in bringing more quality jobs to the community.”

“The Tampa Hillsborough EDC’s strong partnership with the City of Plant City and the dedicated resources we’ve committed to identifying new opportunities for the attraction, expansion, and retention of jobs there continues to yield impressive results,” said Dr. Ronald Vaughn, Chair of the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation and President of the University of Tampa. “We couldn’t be happier with the success of these collaborative efforts. Plant City’s transformation is just beginning, and its economic future is looking better than ever.”


About Central Florida Development

Central Florida Development (CFD) is a full service real estate development and property management company, acquiring and developing industrial and office buildings while also serving as the General Contractor. CFD also serves as its own property manager, and complements its in-house leasing expertise with third-party broker representation, creating a unique ‘single point of contact’ for its customers. For more information, visit

Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation is the lead economic development agency for Hillsborough County and the cities of Tampa, Plant City, and Temple Terrace. Established in 2009 as a partnership between the public sector and private corporate investors, the EDC works to develop and sustain a thriving local economy through the attraction, retention and expansion of high wage jobs and capital investment within targeted industry sectors.

The EDC exists because of the generous support of nearly 100 corporations, the Board of County Commissioners of Hillsborough County, and the cities of Tampa, Plant City and Temple Terrace. To learn more, visit

Hillsborough County, Florida is the commercial and industrial heart of Tampa Bay. The fourth largest county in the state of Florida, Hillsborough is home to nearly 1.3 million residents, with thousands more arriving each year. Its strength is drawn from being one of the most advanced economies and having one of the most educated workforces in the state. Hillsborough County and its three municipalities –Tampa, Plant City, and Temple Terrace — offer a competitive business environment and an abundance of regional assets including Port Tampa Bay, Tampa International Airport, and MacDill Air Force Base. County government is focused on creating economic prosperity for residents and businesses throughout the area. To learn more, visit

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OneWorld Memorials Brings Ecuadorian Vegetable Ivory To U.S.

This June, OneWorld Memorials will offer its online customers cremation keepsakes made from the Tagua Nut, also known as “vegetable ivory.” South American artisans craft goods from the nut’s husk, which closely resembles the appearance of rare ivory, often poached illegally from endangered animals. The pieces will retail for $ 40.95.

The St. Paul company sells sympathy gifts, urns, and keepsakes designed to hold a small portion of ashes following a cremation. The new cremation keepsakes were handmade by artisans in Ecuador exclusively for the partnership with OneWorld Memorials.

“We are continuously looking to expand inventory, especially with craftsmen or artisans that may not have the opportunity otherwise,” said OneWorld Memorials President Ira Woods. “We are dedicated to bringing commerce and sustainable income opportunities to other countries with hard working craftsmen that may not have otherwise had an opportunity like this available to them.”

The small keepsakes come in two designs, a hummingbird and dolphin, and each item will vary slightly in color and pattern. The goods are both fair trade and sustainable products. Woods says the company is actively looking for more opportunities to partner with skilled artisans in the developing world.

“One of the reasons we’re called OneWorld Memorials is because we’re seeking craftsmen all over the world who make products that are not found here in the United States.”

The National Funeral Directors Association estimates that 56% of U.S. deaths will result in cremation by 2017, and many U.S. businesses are catering to the growing market for ash keepsakes and urns. Cremation keepsakes typically hold half a teaspoon or less of human or animal ashes, which are then sealed inside jewelry, ash pendants, boxes, candles, or other receptacles.

About OneWorld Memorials

OneWorld Memorials provides quality memorial urns and related products, along with free ground shipping. OneWorld Memorials offers cremation jewelry, biodegradable urns, condolence gifts, and more. To learn more, visit

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BRC Publishes Revised Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has published the fifth issue of its internationally recognised BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials on July 1, 2015, and audits against Issue 5 will begin in January 1, 2016.

The Standard now provides a framework for all types of packaging manufacturers to assist them in the production of safe packaging materials and to manage product quality to meet customers’ requirements. Certification against the Standard is recognized by many brand owners, retailers, food service companies and manufacturers around the world when assessing the capabilities of their suppliers. In response to demand, the Standard has been translated into many languages to facilitate implementation by packaging materials companies across the world.

The Standard has been developed to specify the product safety, quality and operational criteria that must be in place within a packaging manufacturing organization in order for it to fulfil its obligations with regard to legal compliance and protection of the consumer. The format is designed to allow a company’s premises, operational systems and procedures to be assessed against the requirements of the Standard by a competent third party – the certification body.

What’s new in Issue 5?

The development of Issue 5 followed a wide consultation to understand stakeholders’ requirements. A review of emerging issues was also carried out in the packaging industry and the industries it supplies. The information has been developed and reviewed by a working group composed of stakeholders representing different sectors of the packaging materials manufacturing industry, retailers, brand owners, certification bodies and independent technical experts.

The focus for Issue 5 is:

a move from ‘good practice’ to ‘best practice’
the quality management systems process in printed packaging controls
continuing to ensure consistency of the audit process
providing a Standard that meets retailers’ and brand owners’ needs to reduce the audit burden
better recognition of the diversity of the packaging industry and its customers’ demands
encouraging greater transparency and traceability in the supply chain
encouraging adoption of the Standard as a means of improving product safety at small sites and facilities where processes are still in development

The requirements of Issue 5 have evolved from those of previous issues. There continues to be an emphasis on management commitment, a hazard and risk analysis-based product safety programme and a supporting quality management system. The objective has been to direct the focus of the audit towards the implementation of good manufacturing practices within the production areas while recognising the diversity and breadth of the packaging industry, and the skills required to audit it.

Joanna Griffiths BRC Global Standards Technical Manager, said, “The development of Issue 5 has been based on the values of the previous issues while ensuring that the update reflects the latest best practices. The consultation with the users of the Standard set the main focus for the rewrite which was to reduce the need for multiple audits and encourage consistency of the audit process; we believe the working groups have achieved this aim.”

The BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials Issue 5 will be available on BRC Participate, along with the Interpretation Guideline and additional supporting publications. Recently launched, BRC Participate offers immediate access to all documents relevant to a particular Standard, linking them clause by clause. Printed copies and PDF downloads are also available for purchase from the BRC Bookshop.

Notes to Editors:

About BRC Global Standards

BRC Global Standards are the world’s biggest provider of safety and quality standards programmes for food manufacture, packaging, storage, and distribution. BRC Global Standards are generated with the help of technical specialists, retailers, manufacturers and certification bodies from around the world, so everything is based on practicality, rigour and clarity.

The BRC Global Standards certification scheme offer comprehensive support to help new and established businesses to achieve and maintain their quality and safety aims.

For more information please visit

Media Contacts:

BRC Press Office +44 (0)20 7854 8924 / +44 (0)7921 605544


investFeed Continues to Reach New Milestones

Laptop Coffee Table

investFeed is yet again announcing a new milestone. investFeed has finally released its beta platform and is proud to announce that it has successfully been able to bring on the vast majority of its members onto its platform. Furthermore, investFeed is pleased to announce that it has successfully generated its first revenue through its premium member feeds.

investFeed pays its members a monthly income based on how many followers subscribe to their premium feeds. Premium members at investFeed are experienced investors and traders who put their reputation on the line every time they make a stock recommendation.

To start monetizing content, investFeed members mark certain posts as ‘premium.’ Every time an investor posts a stock pick on their premium feed, it gets picked up and analyzed by investFeed’s tracking algorithms. The most successful investors with the best stock recommendations over time will earn the highest rankings — and the highest earnings — on the site.

It doesn’t get any more credible than that. Premium members set their monthly subscription prices and earn directly from users who want access to their valuable content. Meanwhile, casual investors follow researched stock picks in real-time and make wiser investing decisions.

“The old system of collecting financial information is archaic and disorganized but investFeed is here to change that. Casual investors want transparency and are willing to pay for access to credible stock recommendations. We believe that experienced investors and traders should be compensated for correct market predictions and the audience that they attract because of that,” says the company.

This revolutionary concept of an open, free marketplace for stock predictions is changing the world of stock investing. InvestFeed has already shown strong promise among the professional investing community and promises to start releasing the names of well-known seed investor members as their live launch date gets closer.

“We’re excited about the feedback investFeed has received so far. Investors are clearly ready for a financial platform that emphasizes transparency and credibility. The true colors will finally show who is really making money in the markets and who isn’t. I think we’re all ready for that,” comments investFeed’s Co-founder and CEO, Ronald Chernesky.

So join the movement and reserve your favorite @username at

Marketing consultant

When you decide to start your own business it makes sense that you know everything there is to know about the product or service you are offering. For example if you offer cakes then you will know about loads of the aspects of baking and how to make perfect cakes. That is great as a foundation for your business but just because you know how to bake cakes doesn’t mean that you know how to sell them.

The truth is that many businesses fail because people assume that their product is enough to make it a success. However it doesn’t matter if your product is the best or the cheapest on the market you need to do what you can to market and present your business in the right way or people simply won’t buy from you.
No one is suggesting that you need to become a marketing genius over night instead just accept that guessing you way through it is not enough hand instead you may need to call in some help. Getting advice and support from a marketing consultant can only be a good thing.

A marketing consultant can look at your business and the products you are looking to sell and give you advice on the way to go about it. Remember that they are likely to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to promotion so they can save you wasting money on an advertising campaign that is unlikely to work.
Lots of people assume that they don’t need this, that they can work their marketing and promotion out on a trial and error basis. This is wrong. Why would you want to spend out money on something that you aren’t sure is going to work? Instead give your business the best chance of success and make sure that they money you spend out is money that is worthwhile and is going to bring in new business. After all you have started this business up for a reason and so you will really want to do what you can to help make sure that it is as successful as possible.

Marketing consultant is provided by us to help your business in so many areas. provides Marketing consultants  visit our website for more information!

How To Save Money On Office Supplies

Creating an office space in your home is important if you want to keep household papers organized and especially important if you work from home. Most of the time, people initially create their office without any problems, but once you begin to run out of materials and supplies, it can be hard to keep your office operating. You may lack the funds when you run of things to replace what you need, or you just may want to spend your money elsewhere. Office supplies can be expensive, so any way you can cut costs will help. Consider some of the more expensive office supplies first. Things like ink refills or toner refill can cost you a chunk of change each year, but there are ways to reduce the costs. Shop around and look for discounts on items that are usually very expensive.

One way to save several supplies is to print less. This not only saves black and white and color printing, it saves paper and wear and tear on your printer. Printing less also helps you keep your space clear of papers and scraps. Some things have to be printed, but when possible, avoid hard copies of documents. You can back up your work saved on your computer so even if something happens; you will have backup copies of all important documents.

Another way to reduce the cost and impact of all the paper that needs to be printed is to recycle paper. Instead of tearing up sheets of printed paper once you are finished with them, use them again for other reasons. Print on both sides of the sheet of paper, flip over blank pages and use the other side for notes. You can even use excess paper for non-work related items like making grocery lists or allowing kids to doodle on the sheets. It is important to throw away as little paper as possible. Finally, be sure to shred any documents with important personal information. Some people recycle paper shredding, but the important thing is to make sure criminals have no access to your personal information.

If you work in an office with other people and you need to keep a supply of snacks and beverages on-site, consider having employees bring in their own to share. Keep a limited amount of snacks on your own, but if employees contribute their favorites, everyone is sure to always have something they love on hand to snack on. This is a great way to save because everyone shares just a small burden of the cost instead of taking all of the snack money from the company budget.

Finally, a great way to save money if you share your workspace with others is to let employees work from home. By not having to pay for electricity or on-site office supplies, you can save a bundle. Employees love it to because they save on commuting costs, they are more comfortable, and they can avoid a lot of the office politics from working in an isolated space.

Stewart Wrighter orders his ink refills and other office supplies online because it is cost-effective. He recently started getting his toner refill needs met online because of the convenience.

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